Breastfeeding FAQ!

Here are some commonly asked questions about breastfeeding and answers:
Q: If breastfeeding is natural, what is there to learn?
A: While it is a natural process, it still takes time to learn. Babies have unique ways of communicating with their mom, and it may take you a week or two to figure out some of these signs.
Q: How do I know when my baby is hungry?
A: Babies are born with reflexes to survive, and two of these reflexes (sucking and searching) are important for feeding, If your baby makes a sucking motion (opens their mouth and turns their head to suck on whatever is nearby), this means they are hungry!  By recognizing your baby’s signals, breastfeeding will get off to a great start.
Q: Why is my newborn up all night feeding?
A: Regular feedings with your baby signal to your body to produce more milk. 
Q: Is pain while breastfeeding normal?
A: If you are experiencing pain while breastfeeding, it is a sign that the baby is not latched properly. You can learn more about comfortable positions for breastfeeding here.

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